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Bidding frenzy grips the Paris scene [15/12/2002]

The Carré auction gets down to business: 85% of lots sold exceed their high estimates

Paris hosted an auction festival on 9-10 December. New auction house Dassault held its inaugural sale — breaking up the legacy of Olga Carré, widow of gallery owner Louis Carré — and confounded even the most optimistic forecasts. Piasa and Artcurial-Briest should be well satisfied.

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Latest trends on the art market [12/12/2002]

After several months of near-constant decline, the stock markets are now beginning to recover. And the wave of optimism has fed through to the art market. October’s prices were not far off last October’s. The third-quarter collapse now looks more like a warning shot, reminding investors of the tensions that can rock the art market at times of economic and geopolitical uncertainties.

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La Transavanguardia: Italian figurists no longer set the market on fire [08/12/2002]

The 1980s saw a resurgence of figurative painting in Europe with the German New Fauves, the French Figuration Libre movement and the Italian Transavanguardia that was quickly taken up by the art market at the time. But with Christie’s Rome holding its “Arte Moderna e Contemporanea” auction on 18 December 2002, how do collectors rate these recent Italian figurists today?

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New York’s Latin American Art auctions are short on spice [01/12/2002]

Although more lucrative than in 2001, November’s auctions of Latin American art nevertheless produced mixed results. The price index for the Latin American movement had looked promising, rising by 5% between January and June 2002.

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Is Paris really the top market place for photography? [26/11/2002]

For nearly a year now, the reformed French auction houses have been trading in an open market and France has been winning market share in several segments, most notably in photography. But now, after a marathon week of auctions, timed to match with the city’s photography month, have the gains really been that impressive?New York’s turnover is still more than double that of Paris, thanks to its sales of contemporary prints, while Germany still dominates the market in volume terms.

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The rise and rise of old master drawings [25/11/2002]


New York starts the party but Europe gets the girlBeyond the signature, only high-quality drawings find a buyer Record sales in 2000 and 2001Prices soared in 1999 and 2000 Italian drawings yield more than the Northern school in 2002

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Contemporary art auctions in New York reassure the market with 34 records in three days [24/11/2002]

In a tense economic climate, contemporary art auctions in New York are proving stronger than modern art and impressionist art sales. The evening auctions may have been unexceptional. But Sotheby’s and Christie’s still managed some reassuring surprises, generally in the less prestigious later sessions, when prices for some artists showed real growth and some of them turned out to be impressive records.

1102 18 01 01 168x140

New faces on the auction scene: Bill Viola is number one [17/11/2002]

Bill Viola is one of this year’s revelations. His storming entrance onto the auction scene on 27 June 2002, when his Incrementation sold for GBP40,000, has been followed by an exhibition at the Guggenheim. He tops our ranking of new contemporary artists at auction

1102 26 01 01 168x120

The art market — on the brink of the abyss? [11/11/2002]

Artprice Index: down 15% between June and September 2002

For the first time in ten years, all the indicators for fine art auctions find themselves in the red. The unsold rate has never been so high (44% in September), while the number of lots is also in freefall (-46.7%). With prices also tumbling after the summer lull, the signs look bad for the remainder of the season.

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Henri CARTIER-BRESSON: photo-journalism gets its foot in the door of the auction world [06/11/2002]

Some of the great photojournalists were able to transform their pictures into works of art. One such pioneer was Henri Cartier Bresson founder of the Magnum Photos press agency. Today, documentary photography is capturing market share in public auctions. Photojournalism at Auction 2002 takes place at the Drouot Hotel on 15 November, in the middle of Paris’s Photography Month and the Paris Photo 2002 fair. 700 prints will be up for auction. But the first steps of documentary photography at auction have not been free of pitfalls.

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Big paintings taking over the market [04/11/2002]

Canvasses sold at auction are getting bigger. The trend is not new, but has been exceptionally marked this year, when the average surface area of paintings sold has risen by 5.53%.

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Gerhard Richter: at the peak of contemporary art [29/10/2002]

Gerhard RICHTER has been all over the auction rooms lately. Since the exhibition “Gerhard Richter: 40 years of painting” opened, 80 pieces have been offered for auction and prices are still rising (+67% between January and June 2002), although none this year has had the quality to beat the record set 15 May 2001: USD4.9 million for Drei Kerzen (Three Candles).

1002 24 01 01 168x140

Recent trends ahead of the big November auctions of 2002 [23/10/2002]

Sommaire :

Major impressionist and modern art auctionsThey have never hit the million dollar markGrowing popularity of the expressionistsModern art takes centre stageAre impressionists still the stuff of dreams?

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The prophets of modernism [20/10/2002]

The group of artists known as the Nabis, or prophets, came together in 1888. The best known Nabi artists are Pierre BONNARD, Édouard VUILLARD, Maurice DENIS, Paul SÉRUSIER, Félix VALLOTTON, but the group also includes lesser known artists such as, Henri Gabriel IBELS, Jan VERKADE, Georges LACOMBE, Paul Élie RANSON and Ker Xavier ROUSSEL. To date, however, there has been no auction house sale devoted entirely to the Nabis,

1002 16 01 01 168x140

Speculative bubble forming on market for comic art [15/10/2002]

A speculative bubble appears to be forming on the market for original plates of comic art. True, none of the comics sold so far this year have beaten the record price fetched by plate no. 12 of Marsupilami’s nest by André Franquin, but prices are still rising. Up 62% on the end of 2001, the market has never been so bullish.

1002 11 01 01 168x140

Prices still rising at the start of a new season [10/10/2002]

Despite a slowing economy in July and August, the threat of another war and uncertainty over the steady decline in the world stock markets, prices are still rising on the art market: on average, EUR100 invested in a work of art in July 2000 had appreciated to EUR118.7 as of September 1, 2002.

1002 10 01 01 168x140

Modern photography in the spotlight 22-23 October [09/10/2002]

On 22-23 October, Sotheby’s New York will be auctioning a selection of photographs from the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. Following on from the success of its last auction of photographs in April 2001, which generated sales of USD2.15m, Sotheby’s is hoping to raise over USD2m from the 212 lots.

1002 07 01 01 168x140

Paul Gauguin : 110 years of auctions [06/10/2002]

As the centenary of Paul Gauguin’s death approaches museums are rushing to hold prestigious retrospectives on one of the most influential painters of his time. The NY Metropolitan’s “Gauguin in New York Collections: The Lure of the Exotic” closes on 28 October 2002, but an exposition opens the following April at the Musée du Luxembourg and runs to June. For the auction houses, this is an opportunity to put up some extra Gauguin pieces.

1002 02 01 01 4 168x131

Contemporary art makes the running in 2002: auction trends [01/10/2002]

After a pause in 2001, contemporary art prices have taken off again. And yet, prices for the big-hitters have not experienced a spectacular explosion. During the first auction season 2002, prices for major league works were down on last year,

0902 30 01 01 4 168x140

Max Beckmann: a German in Paris [29/09/2002]

Paris’s Musée National d’Art Moderne currently has a retrospective show on Max BECKMANN, a German expressionist and lover of Paris. At auction houses, he is more renowned as the holder of the record price for a German painting.

0713 02 01 01 18

Contemporary art market: collectors favour local artists at auctions [24/09/2002]

The art market is undeniably international. Works are being created and traded world-wide. And increasingly prices are tempting producers and purchasers alike to cross borders.

0902 17 01 01 4 168x140

European market: Artprice reviews the first half-year 2002 [16/09/2002]

In 2001 the US outperformed Europe on the art market. Today, that balance of power has been reversed. European auction sales held up despite the uncertain economic climate in the first half of 2002.

0902 12 01 01 4 168x140

Can Giacometti take off in 2002? [11/09/2002]

Christie’s is to auction 35 bronze sculptures in France from the inheritance of Alberto GIACOMETTI on 28 September 2002. The sale should be very successful, as Giacometti’s price levels have risen 78% in the last six months.

0713 02 01 01 18

Sotheby’s or Christie’s? [09/09/2002]

As in 2001, Christie’s and Sotheby’s produced similar performances on sales in H1 2002 (EUR 546 million and EUR 522 million respectively between January and July), with similar buy-in ratios (71% of lots at each auction house found a buyer).

0902 08 01 01 4 168x140

MATISSE-PICASSO : rivals at auctions [07/09/2002]

After London it is now Paris’s turn to host the showdown between the giants of modern art as the Matisse-Picasso exhibition arrives in the French capital, juxtaposing 160 works by Pablo PICASSO and Henri MATISSE. But they often come up against each other at auction.

0713 02 01 01 18

The rising stars at auction [01/09/2002]

Perhaps the best-known of the new generation of artists now selling at public auction are the Young British Artists — »young » in our classification means born after 1960. Having achieved international acclaim, they are now increasingly making an impact on the auction floor.

0802 28 01 01 4 168x140

US and UK neck and neck in the auctions market [27/08/2002]

The US has led the art market for more than 20 years. In the mid-1990s, at the peak of American dominance, it hosted nearly 70% of the world’s fine art sales. Today, this has fallen to 38.7% and the US is on the point of being overtaken by the UK.

0713 02 01 01 18

Artists on the rise in Australia [21/08/2002]

The art market is traditionally quiet in August. But Australia, the world’s ninth largest market in 2001, has taken advantage of the summer break to hold the first big sales of the coming season. Sale catalogues feature a number of the Aussie artists that have recently been making waves at auctions.

0802 20 01 01 4 168x140

The Pop Art as its Pop Star [19/08/2002]

Barely half a century after they were created, the works of Andy WARHOL, Roy LICHTENSTEIN, Jasper JOHNS and Robert RAUSCHENBERG are already seen as collectors’ masterpieces.

0802 19 01 01 4 168x128

In the US anything goes, at any price [18/08/2002]

In the last two years, the art market has been attracting ever more aficionados in the US. But American collectors are happier to buy than to sell, and the consequence is a host of buyers eager to snap up the few artworks that do come up for auction.

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