Toba KHEDOORI (1964)

Opere in case d'asta

Nessun'opera d'arte di Toba KHEDOORI è al momento disponibile in casa d'asta


Demand for contemporary drawings started to accelerate in New York at the beginning of this decade before spreading to other cultural capitals.In 2002, the MOMA put on a show entitled Drawing Now: Eight Propositions, a large exhibition bringing together 300 contemporary drawings by 26 prominent European, Asian and American artists including David THORPE, Paul NOBLE, Toba KHEDOORI, Kara WALKER, Yoshitomo NARA, Elizabeth PEYTON, Ugo RONDINONE and Chris OFILI.

Bill Viola is one of this year’s revelations. His storming entrance onto the auction scene on 27 June 2002, when his Incrementation sold for GBP40,000, has been followed by an exhibition at the Guggenheim. He tops our ranking of new contemporary artists at auction

High-profile auctions at Sotheby’s and Christie’s in the US usually make May the eagerly awaited highlight of the early year art season. And results at the impressionist and modern sales certainly hit the headlines. No one will forget the all-time record price paid for a sculpture, Brancusi’s « Danaide », which went for USD16.5m on 7 May 2002.

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Vendi o compra opere di Toba KHEDOORI sulla Piazza del Mercato Standardizzata
Per Toba KHEDOORI (1964) (Australia), la prima aggiudicazione registrata sul sito è un/a pittura del 2002 da Christie's , e la più recente un/a disegno acquarello del 2014. Le classifiche e grafici stabiliti da si basano su 5 aggiudicazioni. In particolare: disegno acquarello, pittura.