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PLAS Seoul

The exhibition of the Plastic Art Seoul (Sculpture, Glass, Media Art, Painting etc) is held at Coex. PLAS specialized for large sculptures. As a nation’s largest sculpture fair we install large sculptures inside of the Coex convention hall. Also, we organize the fair with different topic, new composition and special exhibition every year. We will ...


Swab Barcelona is an annual contemporary art fair in Barcelona that promotes international artistic trends and connects emerging galleries, curators, and collectors. It announces the dates for its 17th edition, which will take place from October 3 to 6 at the Textile Pavilion of Fira Barcelona. The fair invites local and international galleries to apply ...

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The art market in 2023
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The Contemporary Art Market Report 2023

The art market in 2022

The Contemporary Art Market Report 2022

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A quiet period on the auction market
A quiet period on the auction market

During the first quarter of 2024, the mood in auction rooms around the world remained distinctly flat and major works were rare. Nevertheless, the results obtained have been solid enough to stop the market from going into panic mode and, as we approach the major sales in May, the market appears to be relatively buoyant. ...

Interview with the artist 1donknows, creator of the NFT “Chaos under the pure light” presented on the cover of Artprice’s 2023 Art Market Report
Interview with the artist 1donknows, creator of the NFT “Chaos under the pure light” presented on the cover of Artprice’s 2023 Art Market Report

1DONTKNOWS (1996) sees his work as a fusion between classicism and surrealism. The collage technique – invented by Picasso and Braque at the start of the 20th century – finds a new dimension with digital creation tools, and a new anachronistic form of «art pompier»: 1dontknows mixes biblical figures, drapery and crypto symbols, taking us ...

Jean Hélion… against the current
Jean Hélion… against the current

Completely rejecting the dominant trends during his career, Jean Hélion’s work is currently the subject of a superb exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, twenty years after his last retrospective at the Center Pompidou in 2004. It’s a major opportunity to highlight the impact of this precursor whose work is little known ...

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