L'attualità del mercato dell'arte di Claude MONET (1840-1926)

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Prices rise in London [21/06/2011]

All the indicators are in the green before the London sales. Sotheby’s and Christie’s prestige Impressionist and Modern Art sales will compete on 21 and 22 June

Picasso and Monet too expensive? [24/05/2011]

Although Picasso is still the world’s best generator of million-dollar auction results, collectors are apparently not that hungry for his works as to push the bidding to any price.

Prestige sales in New York produce mixed results [17/05/2011]

Although generally considered safer (and less volatile) investments, the Modern Masters failed to generate the estimated results at Christie’s and Sotheby’s May sales in New York, generating a combined total of just $285.65m from their Impressionist & Modern Art sessions.

The May sales in 2001 [13/05/2011]

Every fortnight Artprice posts a theme-based auction ranking. This Friday’s TOP ranking focuses on the 10 best auction results in May 2001.

Prestige sales in New York [03/05/2011]

On 3 and 4 May 2011, Christie’s and Sotheby’s will kick off the annual series of multi million-dollar auctions with their Impressionist & Modern Art sales, followed by their Post-War & Contemporary Art sales on 10 and 11 May.

Impressionist & Modern Art sales in London: maintained confidence [31/01/2011]

As usual, the first major dates in the global auction calendar are the prestigious sales organised by Christie’s and Sotheby’s in London.

Auction records at Christie’s [12/12/2010]

Every fortnight Artprice posts a new or updated ranking in its Alternate-Friday Top Series. The theme of today’s TOP article is the 10 best-ever auction results generated by Christie’s.

Last chance to win… [18/10/2010]

On 28 September 2010 Artprice opened a Twitter account in order to offer its members a continuous flow of art market-related information.

June 2010: major sales in London … and in Paris! [05/07/2010]

The major London sales during June were stacked full of high quality works: an ultra-rare Manet self-portrait, a Fauvist work by André Derain with an extraordinary background and an absinthe drinker from Picasso’s ‘Blue Period’ – the results could not fail to better the previous years’ totals.

Paris / London – forthcoming Impressionist & Modern Art sales [15/06/2010]

Before the art world settles down to a quiet summer, we can look forward to some profitable auction results in London at the sale of the Polaroid collection (to pay its debts) on 21 and 22 June, the Impressionist & Modern Art sales of 23 and 24 June and the Contemporary Art sales of 28 and 29 June.

Return of market effervescence [17/05/2010]

With a large number of major collectors clearly back in acquisitive mode, the results of the big sales in New York during May amply covered the price expectations and were a far cry from those posted in May 2009.

May auction sales: the ascent continues… [26/04/2010]

The recovery in art prices is accelerating. At least, that is judging by the ambitious estimates announced by the major auction houses for their forthcoming Impressionist and Modern Art sales on 4 and 5 May 2010.

A wave of optimism at the London sales [08/02/2010]

Christie’s and Sotheby’s have won their gamble. The Impressionist & Modern Art sales on 2 and 3 February in London generated one global all-segment record and 29 results above £1m out of 87 lots offered. Christie’s managed to sell 87.5% of its lots for £61m (est. £48m-69m) plus the £8.5m from its special session devoted to surrealist art.

The Durand-Ruel Impressionists [17/08/2009]

As the art market slumbers during the summer months, preparations are underway for the major autumn sales, the dates of which have already been announced. The first big events are located in New York during September with sales of Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean art on the 16th at Christie’s and the 17th at Sotheby’s, and then Contemporary Art sales on the 23rd at Christie’s and the 24th at Sotheby’s.

No surprise in London [29/06/2009]

The results of the Impressionist & Modern sales in London last week were without surprise (except for the withdrawal of Camille PISSARRO’s, Le Quai Malaquais) and made the era of 8-figure auction results an even more distant memory. Both auction houses generated eight sales above the $1m line. The bought-in rate was not identical however: 15% at Sotheby’s (out of 27 lots presented) and 32% at Christie’s (out of 45 lots offered).

London sales: second round [22/06/2009]

On 23 June, Christie’s will be offering 45 Impressionist & Modern works in London and the following day Sotheby’s will present just 27 pieces. The catalogues feature works by Picasso, Claude Monet and Giacometti. On 25 and 30 June, the two auctioneers will open their Contemporary Art sales

Artprice’s TOP 10 ranking: the art market heavyweights in 2008 [15/03/2009]

Every year Artprice publishes its ranking of artists based on auction revenue. At the end of 2007 the figures were remarkable: the market’s Top 10 had generated a combined total of $1.8bn, up no less than 50% on the previous year’s total. In 2008 the total was $100m lower than for 2007 at $1.7bn, a figure representing 20% of the total global art auction market on 1.5% of its transactions.

Impressionist and Modern Art auctions: quality over quantity [25/01/2009]

In an uncertain climate, the auctioneers Christie’s and Sotheby’s have decided to reduce the number of works on sale at their Impressionist and Modern art sales, and instead to emphasise quality. Sotheby’s evening sale of Impressionist & Modern Art this coming 3 February will offer a lean selection of 27 lots, a third of the works up for auction at last year’s sale on the same theme.

Impressionism – a benchmark in volatile markets [29/12/2008]

This autumn the correction of prices has been drastic. The most significant symptom of the crisis was the slowdown in auction sales: the rate of unsold works has more than doubled in one year, from 25% to 54% in October 2008.

The New York miracle [15/05/2008]

The gloomy financial climate of the beginning of the year fuelled fears of a rapid deflation of the speculative bubble the art market has been enjoying over recent years. These fears seemed all the more justified as European art prices contracted by 7.5% in the first quarter of the year.With the dollar weak, it remained to be seen how the New York art market would react -particularly in the high-price segments. Not surprising therefore that the Impressionist & Modern Art sales at Christie’s and Sotheby’s of 6 and 7 May, followed, a week later by the Contemporary Art sales, were observed with much interest, particularly by investors who had watched Sotheby’s stock price reduce to less than 30 dollars at the start of the year.

The TOP 10 artists [13/03/2008]

Every year Artprice compiles a ranking of artists based on the total revenue generated by public sales of each artist’s work, with Pablo Picasso invariably taking the number one position on the market podium. Not so in 2007: after nearly 10 years, the champion of modern art has been dethroned by the guru of Pop art, Andy Warhol. Second in 2006, Warhol became the global market leader in 2007.More than just one name replacing another, this ‘event’ reflects a veritable sea-change in the auction world. While in the 1990s the very pinnacle of the art market belonged to the impressionists, particularly Auguste Renoir and Claude Monet, and then, after 2000, to the moderns with Pablo Picasso and Gustave Klimt, today, and possibly for some time to come, the market has hoisted contemporary art to the summit of the pyramid.

The speculative bubble in the art market reaches its peak in November 2007 [21/01/2008]

The art market recorded a 7th consecutive year of price rises in 2007. The annual increase at global level amounted to +18%. It was accompanied by Fine Art proceeds of USD 9.2 billion, an increase of 43.8% over the year, swelled by the proliferation of million-ticket sales, auction hammers having come down on 1,254 sales of over USD 1 million in 2007, compared with 810 in 2006. 2006 had already recorded an unprecedented number of transactions and 2007 was an exceptional vintage.

Explosion of prices in New York [26/04/2006]

Art prices continued to climb in the first quarter of 2006. In the middle of the spring/summer auction season and a few days ahead of the prestigious “Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale” in New York, the Artprice Global Index shows that prices rose a further 16% over just four months! Since the beginning of the year, 117 lots have already exceeded the million dollar mark, compared with only 66 over the same period in 2005.

A boom in the drawings market [20/03/2006]

For the past 15 years, collectors and curators of drawings have met at the Salon du Dessin during the last week of March. The salon that is to be held at the Palais de la Bourse in Paris will bring together some 30 galleries that will exhibit almost 1,000 drawings from all periods.

Auction data in 2005 showed that the drawings segment represented almost 24.4% of total Fine Art transactions and 12.7% of turnover (vs. 11.6% in 2004).

TOP 10 ARTISTS [05/02/2006]

The Top 10 artists grossed USD 576 million in 2005, compared to USD 393 million in 2003, a figure that represents 13.6% of the total art auction market. Unusually, a contemporary artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and an old master, Canaletto, were among the top sellers. The top three names however are unchanged…

Impressionist and Modern Art sales generate USD 291 million [03/11/2005]

The Impressionist and Modern Art sales held on 1 and 2 November by Christie’s and Sotheby’s respectively were a huge success. The two auction houses generated a total of USD 291 million from the sale of 110 of the 123 lots on offer.

The Top 10 Artists by turnover [25/07/2005]

The first half of 2005 proved very eventful for the art market. After several months of high bidding (251 works breached the USD 1 million mark) and a rise in global Fine Art sales turnover of more than 5%, there has been a major change in Artprice’s Top 10 ranking of artists by revenue.

Sotheby’s unveils the highlights of its upcoming “Impressionist & Modern Art” auction [28/03/2005]

Like its competitor Christie’s, Sotheby’s holds its biggest sale every year in early May. The prestigious “Impressionist and Modern Art” evening sale will take place on 3 May 2005 in New York. The same thematic auction last year, which included 34 works from the Whitney Collection, proved a huge success and generated USD 190 million in turnover.

The Neo-Impressionist market [23/03/2005]

From 15 March to 10 July 2005, the Musée d’Orsay is showing 120 neo-impressionist paintings as part of its major exhibition entitled “Neo-Impressionism: from Seurat to Paul Klee”. The exhibition begins with works by Georges Seurat, the movement’s founder, and rounds off with works by artists who were influenced by the movement, such as Matisse, Derain, Kandinsky and Maurice de Vlaminck.

Artprice TOP 10 : how do the art market heavyweights measure up in 2004? [03/03/2005]

Every year Artprice publishes a ranking of artists on the basis of the sales turnover generated by their works at auctions.

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