A Message from Wan Jie

A Message from Wan Jie, Founder and CEO of Artron Art Group and Founder of Artron Research Academy of Arts (ARAA)

International fine art auction turnover rose slightly in 2022, while the Chinese market is still experiencing a decline in turnover due to the pandemic.

Art and auction market performance are subject to many uncertainties rooted in the economy and wider society. However, the future is promising because this fluctuation is temporary and the market will pick up again. The human need for the essence of art is eternal, works of art not only respond to their sense of aesthetics but also help them understand and enjoy the world. This is especially the case in these difficult times when art can unite us, especially in hardship, strengthen our faith in beauty and our courage in the face of challenges, and improve our visual memory.

In the context of global recession and uncertainty, high-end art has become highly sought-after by HNWIs who understand the financial value of these works. This explains why both the Chinese and international Fine Art auction markets witnessed new auction records for major artists in 2022.

We are witnessing the rapid rise of young Chinese artists as a driving force in the auction market, boosting confidence in the market and reflecting their observations of society and cultural changes. The works of young artists such as Liang Yuanwei, Huang Yuxing, Ou Yangchun, Wei Jia, Ma Ke or Huang Yichan have all obtained excellent results in 2022. They breathe new energy and hope into the art market in China.

Meanwhile, Chinese online auctions are growing in volume. As there are no restrictions in terms of time and space, online sales are in a fast growth phase as a convenient platform for collectors worldwide, allowing auction houses to connect regional markets and attract new collectors.

The Chinese art auction market celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2022, a year with achievements supported by China’s economic prosperity and growing national strength. This market has also benefited from Chinese tradition and culture, which cherishes history, and heritage, and provides a solid foundation for future prosperity and growth. Artron is honored to witness the development and growth of the Chinese art auction market in the internet era. We sincerely hope that the Artron-Artprice collaboration will contribute more weight to the markets both domestically and globally.