Tipo d'opera
Multiplo (EA XIV/XXX)
Firmato alla mano
dimensioni senza cornice
30 x 22 x 0,2 in(76,2 x 55,88 x 0,51 cm)
dimensioni inclusa cornice
42 x 33 x 2 in(106,68 x 83,82 x 5,08 cm)
Art et Valeur, Paris
Rif. catalogo ragionato
Field 75-12 B
Descrizione dell'opera

The Angel of Alchemy has beady red eyes and a threatening presence indicated by Dalí's bold, scattered lines which resemble slashes. These black lines are interspersed with liquid gold ones, which contribute vibrancy and liberated energy to the composition. The figure itself is rendered like a shadow, and the metallic splotches near its shoulders are the most solid part of its figure. Along the bottom of the print are small mythological creatures that inspire both fear and wonder.  There is also a sea serpent, a griffin, a hybrid insect, and a dragon baring its teeth. Everything about the print exudes aggression and darkness.

L’Ange de l’Alchimie

Salvador Dali, Spanish (1904–1989)

Portfolio: Alchimie des Philosophes

Date: 1976

Lithograph on parchment, signed and numbered

Edition of EA XIV / XX

Size: 30 x 22 in. (76.2 x 55.88 cm)

Frame Size: 42 x 33 inches

Printer: Art Lithographies

Publisher: Art et Valeur, Paris

Reference: Field 75-12 B

Salvador DALI

L'Ange de l'Alchimie(1976)

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