Tipo d'opera
Opera originale
Certificato emesso da
Antonino Puliafico
basso a destra
dimensioni senza cornice
110 x 130 x 0,1 cm(43,31 x 51,18 x 0,04 in)
Descrizione dell'opera

Professional colours were used for the realization of the work.
The painting is treated with final varnish for UV protection.
The photos may differ from the original depending on the monitor that displays them.
The painting is shipped by courier in an impact resistant box with tracking number and artist certificate.
The sense of freedom that inspires the painting provokes deep, intense emotions that manifest themselves in a creative process that starts from its unconscious to reach the viewer through an art form that is difficult to find in contemporary Italian art.
The shapes, lines, colors create a disruptive dynamism, pervaded by intense vigor, but balanced in its dimension.
Refined communicative ability, Fruits of a synthesis between instinct and reason and awareness


Verona Borgo(2022)

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