Maria GROSS - realistic cityscape "Lilac shadows of urban yards"

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Tipo d'opera Opera originale
Titolo realistic cityscape "Lilac shadows of urban yards"
Anno 2020
Categoria Disegno Acquarello
Tecnica Tecnica mista/carta
Firma basso a destra
dimensioni senza cornice
11,02 x 11,81 in
28 x 30 cm
dimensioni inclusa cornice
15,16 x 17,52 in
38,5 x 44,5 x 2 cm
Certificato emesso da Maria Gross
Fattura No
Condizioni buono

Maria Gross said:"This is how typical courtyards of my city look. I like to paint them in the summer when the sun and shadows create a beautiful contrast. This is a scene of ordinary everyday life - a courtyard of a high-rise building, summer, a well-trodden path between houses, two girls talking while sitting on a bench. Depicting simple things and plots, I want to show their beauty and harmony with the help of color combinations."

The main themes are everyday ordinary landscapes or objects that surround us every day. I like to poeticize these things, turning everyday life into aesthetics.

Technique is painting with colored markers, sometimes combined with watercolors.

" Lilac shadows of urban yards" Marker on paper. The artwork is sold in cardboard passe-partout, 2mm thick, size 385 × 445mm, picture size inside -280 × 300mm

Annuncio Nr. 2281891
Stato del venditore Privato
700 €
700 € (850 $)
700 € (601 £)
700 € (5.478 ¥)

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