Alexander AIZENSHTAT - The King Gastro

Artista La quotazione per Alexander AIZENSHTAT / Tutte le opere sulla Marketplace
Tipo d'opera Opera originale
Titolo The King Gastro
Anno 2017
Categoria Pittura
Tecnica Olio/tela
Firma basso a destra
dimensioni senza cornice
31,1 x 77,56 in
79 x 197 cm
Certificato emesso da Frida Foundation
Fattura No
Condizioni ottimo

Publ in magazine “The Canvas” Oct 2019

"His recent masterpiece: The king at the center of table, chomps on a live chicken, lit from above by an all seeing eye-shaped lamp. To his right, four malnourished followers pick over the bones of a dead fish while on his left, four other subjects chew on bare bones, fit for a dog. The court jester, rolling around at the bottom of the frame, savagely licks on lollypops while two musicians play a mournful tune on either side of the table. The overall composition, rendered in deep blues and blacks, lit by a sorrowful yellow light, depicts a cycle of ritual with no happy ending in sight. It could be read as a metaphor for empty promises of power, an impotent king with no ability to feed his people. Or an allegory of vanity, where those seeking fame and secular pursuits are rarely rewarded. Happiness eludes this crowd." Barbara Pollack Award-winning journalist (Vanity Fair, The New York Times, the Washington Post, Artnews)

Annuncio Nr. 2112470
Tipo di conto Professionista
150.000 €
150.000 € (164.620 $)
150.000 € (134.530 £)

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