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The ROY are a Nantes family of browsers and painters affiliated to Jules VERNE. Pierre Roy is the one who collects the most laurels. He is raised by his father Donatien in an atmosphere of distant travels in Nantes. He renounces however the call of the sea for studies of architect, before becoming a painter and to go up to Paris in the years 1920. Pierre Roy frequents the Fauves and the poets enamored of modern painting, André Salmon, Max Jacob or Guillaume Apollinaire who reveals it to the general public.
The four brothers and sisters of Pierre Roy also became artists, like their grandfather and, above all, their father, DONATIEN to the very sure taste and possessing a great talent of watercolorist. Businessman, secretary of the supervisory commission of the Museum of Fine Arts of Nantes and nevertheless captain of frigate, Donatien Roy (1854-1930) reported from his travels number of notebooks.

Donatien ROY

Women at the river - Circa 1910

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