Art Marbella

(30/07/2019 - 03/08/2019)

Art Marbella
Avda. José Meliá, 2


ART MARBELLA will be held from July 30 to August 3, 2019 in the Palace of Fairs, Congresses and Exhibitions of Marbella.

| The fifth edition of the Marbella event with modern and contemporary art raises a new concept of fair in which the spaces of the galleries will be rethought to avoid the inherent coldness of the classic stand, with the purpose of showing works of art in a space similar to the one they will find in the habitat of their future collectors.

| This new concept comes from the hand of the prestigious interior designers, Sergio Sánchez Pardo and David Jiménez García, from Deseesedesign, who have conceived a space for the enjoyment of art with large common areas and intimate stands, so that the experience surrounding the art, to beauty, on the part of visitors is complete. Both Sánchez Pardo and Jiménez are also responsible for the artistic direction of MARBELLA DESIGN, which will be held from July 4 to 15 in the same location.

| Another of the great novelties of the 2019 edition will be the curated spaces, which will have as protagonists Violeta Janeiro (Galician, resident in Madrid) who will present a project in which a group of galleries will gather around the idea of risk; and to Mariela Velasco (Mexican, resident in Milan) who will show a set of galleries that work significantly in different territories.

For the first time, the fair will award the Young Acquisition Award, which will be awarded by Marten Esko (co-director of the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia – EKKM of Tallinn) and Eva Riebová (curator of the Prague MeetFactory Center for Contemporary Art), an award that recognizes the most representative young work.

ART MARBELLA will once again be held at the Palace of Exhibitions, Congresses and Exhibitions from July 30 to August 3, 2019. A breakthrough edition compared to the previous ones both for its design and programming. The director and founder of Art Marbella, Alejandro Zaia, comments that “we are convinced that the classic model of art fair with cold and impersonal stands has to change. That is why we have created an environment completely different to the one we are used to in this type of events. We want the collector or art lover to experience the experience of admiring a work of art in an environment similar to what it would occupy in a collection, placing them in the context of the Domus. We have also strengthened the common spaces so that they are spacious, welcoming and that they suppose a true place of encounter, of rest and delight of the senses “.

One of the main axes of the fair will be the spaces curated by Violeta Janeiro and Mariela Velasco. Janeiro will gather a group of galleries around the idea of risk. The project reformulates the spectator’s policies and the interaction of gallery owners with visitors, by setting in motion a new exhibition format that goes far beyond the white cube. While Velasco, in turn, presents Correspondence, an initiative that brings together a set of galleries that work significantly in different territories, which have generated exchanges, information crossings and intercultural dialogues with their presence. Violeta Janeiro (Vigo, 1982) is one of the most prestigious Spanish independent curators in the Spanish art scene. She has worked as a curatorial fellow at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, was cultural manager of the Consulate of Spain in Shanghai with the AECID and has been assistant curator in the Spanish Pavilion of the 57th Venice Biennial. His work revolves around practices of a collaborative nature. Reflect the possibilities of the community through projects that explore alternatives in the production, reception and channeling of art.

For her part, Mariela Velasco has collaborated with various museums and institutions such as the Palace of Fine Arts of Brussels – BOZAR, Tamayo Museum of Contemporary Art, ArtLima, Siqueiros Public Art Room, the British Library and Raindance Film Festival. In January 2017, she founded Botánica de Proyectos®, her own brand and agency with representation in Mexico City, London and Milan. His curatorial practice focuses on the links between contemporary art and cinema, intercultural dialogue and the investigation of artistic initiatives that significantly reconfigure his place of action.

Another great novelty will be the Young Acquisition Award, which for the first time will grant the fair to the most representative young work that will be awarded by the international curators Eva Riebová and Marten Esko. The award seeks to recognize the merit of the young artists who perform at the fair.

Eva Riebová (Czech Republic, 1987) studied History of Art at Charles University and the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, later she received a scholarship from New York University. Since 2007, she works as a curator at the MeetFactory Center for Contemporary Art in Prague. Previously, Riebová worked in Berlin and Prague in the art market with a special interest in Eastern European art and directing international cultural projects such as the Prague Quadrennial. She also worked as an independent curator and art historian, focusing on site-specific projects within festivals and socio-cultural events

Marten Esko (1990) is a writer, curator and cultural manager based in Tallinn, Estonia. Esko is one of the directors of Tallinn’s Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM) together with Johannes Säre, where he started his career in 2011 as deputy curator. His curatorial practice has focused on different formats or platforms for exhibition and exhibition, with both material and conceptual approaches in the production of knowledge / awareness.

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