biografia di Marie MATHIESEN (1876-1948)

Birth place: Christiania, Norway

Addresses: Chicago, IL, c.1900-21

Profession: Landscape painter

Studied: Christiania, Oslo; Dresden, Germany.

Exhibited: AIC, 1902-16; Pan.-Pac. Expo, San Fran., 1915.

Member: Chicago SA.

Comments: She painted Impressionist landscapes in the Lake Michigan and Wisconsin region, as well as in the Catskill Mountains (NY), Monhegan Island (ME), and Provincetown (MA). She exhibited at both the Watercolor Annual and Chicago Artists Annual at the AIC, and in 1916 gave her address as Provincetown. Her married name was Mathiesen but she signed with her maiden name, "Lokke." She apparently returned to Norway during the early 1920s.

Sources: WW21; Petteys, 482

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