biografia di Robert B. ATWOOD (1892-1970)

Birth place: Orange, NJ

Death place: Kingsport, TN

Addresses: Phoenix, AZ, 1938-41; Bartonsville, VT, 1953; Kingsport, TN, 1960s-70

Profession: Painter, designer, teacher

Studied: Faucett School Art; PAFA (traveling scholarship, 1930)

Exhibited: S.Indp.A.; NAD, 1930; PAFA, 1929; Montclair A. Mus.; Northern Arizona Mus. A.; Phoenix A. Center; Laguna Beach AA; Tucson A. Center.

Member: PAFA; Laguna Beach AA; Gloucester AA; AAPL; Vermont AA; Wash., DC, Landscape Cl.; Watercolor Assoc. of Phoenix

Comments: Best known for his watercolor landscapes of California, Arizona, New Jersey, and the Southern Appalachians. He traveled and lived in many places in his lifetime, including California and Montana (dates unknown), Arizona, Vermont, and Tennessee. Position: artist in residence, Arizona State College, 1938-41; indst. des., Western Electric Co., 1942-44; teacher, Kingsport, TN, and surrounding areas. Atwood was also a cellist.

Sources: WW53; WW47; P&H Samuels, 12.

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