John DE ANDREA (1941)

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At roughly the same time as the emergence on the American scene of Pop art, with its appropriation of the codes of a ravenously consumerist society, a number of their fellow countrymen started

Hyperrealism, which emerged in the USA in the 60s, inherits its attachment to a banal everyday version of reality from Pop art. The artists draw their subjects from real life; but it is a “second-hand” real life, because they do not create their works directly in front of the person or thing they are depicting, but from photographs. They demonstrate a great, often laborious, technical virtuosity, to transcribe a reality that has been examined under a microscope.

Per John DE ANDREA (1941) , la prima aggiudicazione registrata sul sito è un/a pittura del 1984 da Sotheby's, e la più recente un/a scultura volume del 2022. Le classifiche e grafici stabiliti da si basano su 46 aggiudicazioni. In particolare: scultura volume, disegno acquarello, pittura. La piazza del mercato le propone 7 opere dell'artista in vendita , venduti da 1 Artprice Store.