Sebastiao SALGADO (1944)


Every November Paris hosts a multitude of special events dedicated to photography. This year the core fair, Paris Photo, was accompanied by numerous “off” fairs and auction sales, as well as a whole series of special exhibitions at Parisian cultural institutions. The result was a rich and highly diverse program attracting a record number of […]

Although Photography as an artistic medium has not been performing particularly well on the secondary market, it still attracts a large audience of enthusiasts and connoisseurs. This week, they all converge on Paris, the ephemeral capital of the genre, offering several international fairs, numerous exhibitions and a string of auction sales. The market for photographic […]

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Vendi o compra opere di Sebastiao SALGADO sulla Piazza del Mercato Standardizzata
Sebastiao SALGADO (1944) (Brasile) è un artista nato nel 1944. La prima aggiudicazione registrata sul sito è un/a fotografia del 1989 da Poulain-Le Fur & Cornette De St Cyr, e la più recente un/a fotografia del 2020. La quotazione e gli indici dell'artista stabiliti da si basano su 871 aggiudicazioni. In particolare: stampa multiplo, scultura volume, fotografia, oggetti. 3 opere dell'artista Sebastiao SALGADO (1944) saranno prossimamente in sala d'asta.