Frantisek KUPKA (1871-1957)

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Man and Earth 1904-1907

Galerie Kodl , Praga

Ceca, Repubblica, 28/11/2021

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Kupka retrospective at the Grand Palais In spring 2018, the Grand Palais hosts two major exhibitions: “Kupka. Pionnier de l’Abstraction” and “Artistes & Robots.” A programme entirely dedicated to modernity and the future! The Grand Palais Frantisek KUPKA (1871-1957) retrospective (from 21 March to 30 July 2018) is the first in France since the 1989 […]

Considered an offshoot of Cubism, Section d’Or (Golden Section) artists are not as expensive as the hardcore Cubists like Picasso. While their prices have continued to climb (new record for Juan Gris this year), many works by the major avant-garde artists are still very cheap by comparison.

Finding museum quality paintings by the historical masters of abstract art such as Frantisek Kupka, Robert Delaunay, Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian and Kasimir Malevich is a major challenge. The best pieces are in museums or private collections from which they rarely depart.

Another Friday Top. Every fortnight Artprice posts a theme-based auction ranking. This week: the top ten auction results in 2011 for Contemporary Latin American artists.

Frantisek KUPKA (1871-1957) (Ceca, repubblica) è un artista nato nel 1871. La prima aggiudicazione registrata sul sito è un/a disegno acquarello del 1983 da Christie's , e la più recente un/a disegno acquarello del 2021. La quotazione e gli indici dell'artista stabiliti da si basano su 2.135 aggiudicazioni. In particolare: disegno acquarello, stampa-multiplo, pittura, scultura volume, fotografia, arazzo. 2 opere dell'artista Frantisek KUPKA (1871-1957) saranno prossimamente in sala d'asta. Sulla Marketplace di Artprice sono proposte 16 opere dell'artista in vendita. , venduti da 6 Artprice Store.