Menashe KADISHMAN - Jerusalem Gold

Artista La quotazione per Menashe KADISHMAN / Tutte le opere sulla Marketplace
Tipo d'opera Opera originale
Titolo Jerusalem Gold
Anno 1980
Categoria Pittura
Tecnica Olio
Firma basso a sinistra
dimensioni senza cornice
52,76 x 39,37 in
134 x 100 cm
dimensioni inclusa cornice
54,72 x 41,34 in
139 x 105 cm
Certificato emesso da kings Gallery
Fattura emessa da kings Gallery
Condizioni ottimo
Commenti A piece by famous Israeli Painter, Menashe Kadishman. He is well-known for earthworks, sculptures, performances, installations, and paintings redolent with religious themes. The artist plays with human conception of sizes. Violet background adds the fabulousness and depth. The artist's trademark are hundreds of portraits of sheep, each one different from another. At the 1978 Venice Biennale, Kadishman showed sheep for the first time: he presented a flock of colored sheep as living art. He believed, that “art grows from feelings and not rational calculations alone”. He dealed with emotions and the perception of colours.
Annuncio Nr. 2463038
Stato del venditore Professionista
15.000 $ (14.710 €)
15.000 $
15.000 $ (12.420 £)
15.000 $ (101.274 ¥)

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