George GROSZ - Circus - The Crying Clown

Artista La quotazione per George GROSZ / Tutte le opere sulla Marketplace
Tipo d'opera Opera originale
Titolo Circus - The Crying Clown
Anno 1918
Categoria Disegno Acquarello
Tecnica Tecnica mista/carta
Firma basso a destra
dimensioni senza cornice
11,93 x 8,98 in
30,3 x 22,8 cm
dimensioni inclusa cornice
18,31 x 15,35 in
46,5 x 39 cm
Certificato emesso da Maison d-Art
Fattura emessa da Maison d-Art
Condizioni buono

Watercolour & Pencil on thick paper signed with the pseudonym « HL »  (for « Heilige » « Saint ») & dated « 18 ». "A master of disguise : in his twenties, he changed his name. In public he often pretended to be a cowboy or a Dutch  businessman, while in private he occasionally greeted first-time visitors to his home by saying he was Herr Grosz’s butler & apologising for his master’s absence. He also adopted a range of pseudonyms throughout his life » (Alastair Smart 9-1-2020). A social satire & Circus was then one of his favorite subjects from 1914, though  illustrated with a real cynism. This masterpiece corresponds to the period of his greatest satirical drawings. Made in Berlin from the late part of 1918 "with disgust and aversion for mankind". From 1918 to about 1920, he was still breaking his paintings  into futurist angles and planes, simplifying forms into quasigeometrical shapes & using a flattened perspective to create strong surface patterns...

Annuncio Nr. 2360014
Stato del venditore Professionista

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