Boris Anatolievich SHOLOKOV - Princess Frog

Artista La quotazione per Boris Anatolievich SHOLOKOV / Tutte le opere sulla Marketplace
Tipo d'opera Opera originale
Titolo Princess Frog
Anno 1971
Categoria Disegno Acquarello
Tecnica Pastello
Firma Non firmato
dimensioni senza cornice
39,37 x 31,5 in
100 x 80 cm
Certificato emesso da Frida Foundation
Fattura No
Condizioni buono

PUBLISHED: Artist and time. Author: Sholokhov B.A. ISBN: 978-5-903828-142 year 2013

The king ordered his sons to marry, and the brides to choose this way: to shoot at random from a bow, - on whose yard the arrow will fall, there and marry. The arrow of the youngest, Ivan Tsarevich, fell into a swamp and he had to marry a frog. The frog copes with the tasks of the king for the daughters-in-law with the help of witchcraft. When the tsar invites Ivan and his wife to a feast, she arrives in the guise of a beautiful girl. Ivan secretly burns the frog's skin, thereby incurring a curse - the Frog disappears. Ivan goes in search, finds her with Koshchei the Immortal and frees her from captivity.

The image of a werewolf girl, forced to live for some time in the guise of a frog, was considered in science as the archetype of a totem spouse, whom the primitive hunter had to marry in order for the hunt to be successful. Brides, smarter than the groom, are quite common in Russian fairy tales.

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