Maria GROSS - realistic cityscape "The school during holidays"

Artista La quotazione per Maria GROSS / Tutte le opere sulla Marketplace
Tipo d'opera Opera originale
Titolo realistic cityscape "The school during holidays"
Anno 2020
Categoria Disegno Acquarello
Tecnica Tecnica mista/carta
Firma basso a destra
dimensioni inclusa cornice
11,69 x 16,54 in
29,7 x 42 cm
Certificato di autenticità No
Fattura No
Condizioni buono

School on vacation

Maria Gross said: "In the picture I depicted a landscape with my school. It is a light building typical of the post-Soviet space. I often pass by, as I recently settled in the area near it. I drew it in the summer, when it stands empty and quiet. In my childhood, I did not like school, in the former socialist countries there are specific schools - they are not always associated with happy times and pleasant memories of childhood. But at the same time, years later, I want to leave in my memory something pleasant and pure about childhood. Therefore, I drew my school in the most harmless and calm period for this - summer, when it is just a quiet building in the courtyard in the shade of trees"

The main themes of Maria Gross are everyday ordinary landscapes or objects that surround us every day.

"The school during holidays" Marker on paper , 297×420 mm. The artwork is sold unformed.

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