Claudio CASTILLERO MORTERA - Sireno mexicano globalizado contemporaneo

Artista La quotazione per Claudio CASTILLERO MORTERA / Tutte le opere sulla Marketplace
Tipo d'opera Opera originale
Titolo Sireno mexicano globalizado contemporaneo
Anno 2020
Categoria Pittura
Tecnica Olio/tela
Firma basso a sinistra
dimensioni senza cornice
39,37 x 25,59 in
100 x 65 cm
Certificato emesso da claudio castillero
Fattura No
Condizioni ottimo

Contemporary globalized Mexican mermaid

According to the artist's words: “This painting is a recent creation 2020 and is a critical painting of the models that have circulated through Disney creations, specifically with the character of the little mermaid, which in this case is personified, by a robust, dark and Mexican man. There is also a figure of the little mermaid on the right side and a bag of "Ariel" detergent, making a reference that not for everyone "Ariel" means that the Disney character can have many meanings and valuations depending on the context. There is a conjunction and contrast of what globalization is: modern elements such as the computer with Netflix, the cell phone with the success star (reference to my Japanese series “The success star”) and pizza. However, there are also very Mexican elements, such as the sun and the moon in the background and the pose itself of the model that is inspired by the clay crafts of Mexican mermaids."

Annuncio Nr. 2201059
Stato del venditore Privato
3.200 €
3.200 € (3.795 $)
3.200 € (2.729 £)
3.200 € (24.525 ¥)

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