Carlo D'ORTA - Liquidance # 58

Artista La quotazione per Carlo D'ORTA / Tutte le opere sulla Marketplace
Tipo d'opera Multiplo
Titolo Liquidance # 58
Anno 2013
Categoria Fotografia
Tecnica Fotografia digitale
Numerazione e/o edizione 1/3
Firma verso
dimensioni senza cornice
25,59 x 31,5 in
65 x 80 cm
Certificato emesso da galleria
Fattura No
Condizioni ottimo

*** UVprint on plexiglass with dibond bottom ***

Carlo d’Orta focuses on the essential forms and geometric combinations produced by the interwoven architectural structures in our cities (“Biocities” series) or by the reflections on the windows of skyscrapers (“Vibrations” series).

Lines, intersections, combinations are unmodified in post-production or with a computer. These forms are taken for what they are, as a new urban meta-reality that takes on an almost biological meaning. The architectures are investigated not in a descriptive, but in a “biological” way, exposing the vibratory epidermal structure that constitutes the “skin” of our metropolises.

“Biocities” is part of a wider movement that aims to reconnect the urban ecosystem with the natural one, through direct actions aimed at recreating an environment that is both biologically rich and technologically advanced.

Annuncio Nr. 2108047
Stato del venditore Professionista
5.000 €
5.000 € (5.858 $)
5.000 € (4.281 £)
5.000 € (37.883 ¥)

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