Pietro CAMPAGNOLI - Continuità 1

Artista La quotazione per Pietro CAMPAGNOLI / Tutte le opere sulla Marketplace
Tipo d'opera Opera originale
Titolo Continuità 1
Anno 2020
Categoria Scultura Volume
Tecnica Oggetto
Numerazione e/o edizione unique
Firma base
dimensioni senza cornice
11,81 x 3,94 x 7,87 in
30 x 10 x 20 cm
Certificato emesso da galleria
Fattura No
Condizioni ottimo

Pietro Campagnoli has got the Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism that gave him a high I.Q. but bad relationship skills. Thats why with his sculptures he creates casts with blankets, wet with gypsum, placing them on living bodies and waiting for them to solidify. In these casts, he tries to reproduce the shape of the human being, like a photograph of the bodies.

His works never have definite faces, because it is impossible for him to understand people’s emotions, due to his syndrome. They are always empty, because the internal body has evolved and disappeared, and the “envelope” remains, like a chrysalis.

Pietro’s work is born by the attempt to describe metaphorically his past. The most violent experiences make us the most resilient individuals. His artworks remind him that the storm can be fought and defeat, if an unwavering willpower supports your mind against the lashes of sensitive experiences.

Annuncio Nr. 2108026
Stato del venditore Professionista
2.000 €
2.000 € (2.348 $)
2.000 € (1.707 £)
2.000 € (15.168 ¥)

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