Richard Joseph ANUSZKIEWICZ - Large Richard Anuszkiewicz Sculpture, Signed Edition

Artista La quotazione per Richard Joseph ANUSZKIEWICZ / Tutte le opere sulla Marketplace
Tipo d'opera Multiplo
Titolo Large Richard Anuszkiewicz Sculpture, Signed Edition
Anno 1991
Categoria Scultura Volume
Tecnica Assemblaggio
Numerazione e/o edizione ed. 1/15
Firma base
dimensioni senza cornice
32,5 x 30 x 8 in
82,55 x 76,2 x 20,32 cm
Certificato di autenticità No
Fattura No

Work is titled "Yellow, Blue & Green Star."

Provenance: Charles Foley Gallery, Columbus, Ohio | Collection of Mr.
Robert Peatross, Port Orange, Florida. The consignor is a great admirer
of the artist's work and shared his recollections of their meeting:
"Decades ago Richard Anuszkiewicz had a show at Charles Foley Gallery. I
 sat with Richard on the steps of the gallery for so long that the
people (potential buyers) in the gallery approached me and said, 'We
want to talk with him too.'”

Condition:  very good, some small nicks and scratches to enamel

American; enameled metal

Annuncio Nr. 2063089
Stato del venditore Professionista
20.000 $ (17.025 €)
20.000 $
20.000 $ (15.317 £)
20.000 $ (139.594 ¥)

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