HONG Hao - My Things (Book-Keeping) 6

Artista La quotazione per HONG Hao / Tutte le opere sulla Marketplace
Tipo d'opera Multiplo
Titolo My Things (Book-Keeping) 6
Anno 2007
Categoria Fotografia
Tecnica C Print
Numerazione e/o edizione 6
Data di stampa 2007
Firma verso
dimensioni senza cornice
47,24 x 80,71 in
120 x 205 cm
Certificato emesso da The artist
Fattura No
Condizioni buono

Hong Hao is a contemporary Chinese artist known for his unique use of photography

For 15 years, Hong Hao has been making a full-size digital scan of every product he has bought or consumed chocolates, drink cans, toilet paper, tea bags, rubber gloves, packaged meat, cigarettes, books, light bulbs, razors, chopsticks, vitamins. Using this vast database as his “paintbox”, he assembles the images, thousands at a time, into intricate collages.

Annuncio Nr. 2026324
Stato del venditore Professionista

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