Martin REYNA - Paysage (Ref 18085)

Artista La quotazione per Martin REYNA / Tutte le opere sulla Marketplace
Tipo d'opera Opera originale
Titolo Paysage (Ref 18085)
Anno 2018
Categoria Pittura
Tecnica Olio/tela
Firma verso
dimensioni senza cornice
51,18 x 63,78 in
130 x 162 cm
Certificato emesso da IdeelArt
Fattura emessa da Martín Reyna
Condizioni ottimo

Oil on canvas - Unframed.

Martín Reyna is an Argentinian-born abstract painter living in Paris, France. His gestural abstract paintings delight the eye and activate the mind with their luminous color relationships and deft explorations of perspective and space.

Reyna works with ink, acrylics and oils on canvas or paper. One of his signature techniques is to dilute his mediums so the colors will dissipate and intermingle in uncontrolled ways. When using ink on paper, a small bit of water is introduced to the surface, creating profound effects as the color seems to vibrate outward, expanding harmoniously into space.

Annuncio Nr. 1949068
Stato del venditore Professionista
6.400 £ (7.040 €)
6.400 £ (8.338 $)
6.400 £
6.400 £ (55.759 ¥)

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