Damien HIRST - The Souls IV

Artista La quotazione per Damien HIRST / Tutte le opere sulla Marketplace
Tipo d'opera Multiplo
Titolo The Souls IV
Anno 2010
Categoria Stampa Multiplo
Tecnica Serigrafia
Numerazione e/o edizione 7/15 (There were also 5 artists proofs)
Editore Paul Stolper and Other Criteria
Firma Firmato alla mano
dimensioni senza cornice
28,35 x 20,47 in
72 x 52 cm
Certificato emesso da Fairhead Fine Art
Fattura No

The Souls suite consists of 80 different colour ways each in an edition of just 15. Vibrant with hue, the finished effect of each print is that of a resonant tension between the stillness of death and the trembling, iridescent life that the individual butterflies convey. ‘The Souls’ is therefore quintessentially Hirstian, combining the impact of visual spectacle with a powerfully eloquent confluence of medium and visual language.Hirst’s fascination with butterflies derives in large part from the way in which these beautiful insects embody both the beauty and the impermanence of life, becoming symbols of faith and mortality. 

Provenance: Paul Stolper Gallery (The Joint-Publisher) Label verso

Annuncio Nr. 1887635

Contattare il venditore: Fairhead Fine Art

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