Andy WARHOL - Mick Jagger (FS II.142)

Artista La quotazione per Andy WARHOL / Tutte le opere sulla Marketplace
Tipo d'opera Opera originale
Titolo Mick Jagger (FS II.142)
Categoria Stampa-Multiplo
Tecnica Serigrafia
Numerazione e/o edizione Editions of 250, 50 AP, 3 PP
Firma Firmato alla mano
dimensioni senza cornice
43,5 x 29 in
110,49 x 73,66 cm
Certificato emesso da Revolver Gallery
Fattura No
Rif. catalogo ragionato (FS II. 142)
Condizioni ottimo

Mick Jagger 142 is one of several pieces that Andy Warhol did on Mick Jagger. In 1969 the Rolling Stones worked on their ninth studio album Sticky Fingers. The band approached Andy Warhol and asked him to design its sleeve. Warhol agreed and received a letter from Mick Jagger that included a polite warning not to make the cover too complex to avoid problems during production. Warhol ignored Jagger’s warning and went on to produce an unforgettable cover that featured a close-up shot of actor and “Warhol superstar” Joe Dallesandros.
Warhol also expanded into the realm of performance art with a traveling multimedia show called The Exploding Plastic Inevitable, which featured The Velvet Underground, a rock band. 

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