Seb JANIAK - Gravity Bulle d'air 01

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Tipo d'opera Multiplo
Titolo Gravity Bulle d'air 01
Anno 2013
Categoria Fotografia
Tecnica Stampa pigmentaria
Numerazione e/o edizione 1
Firma verso
dimensioni senza cornice
43,31 x 33,86 in
110 x 86 cm
Certificato emesso da IdeelArt
Fattura emessa da Seb Janiak
Condizioni ottimo

Chromogenic print - Unframed

Edition number isn't on the artwork itself but only the Certificate of Authenticity. 

Editon 1/5

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In his Gravity Bulles d'air series, Janiak creates visual representations of the idea that form cannot exist without an environment. There are the visible forms we see in the world, and then there are the conditions that allow those forms to exist. As a catalyst for his exploration of this topic, Janiak chose gravity, one of the most ubiquitous and easily observable forces, and the one that allows so many forms in the physical universe to exist. The photographs in these series show two types of matter—liquids and gasses—being manipulated by gravity. Form is frozen by the photographic process, but the process is ever changing depending on the shifting conditions of their environment.

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