Seb JANIAK - Morphogenetic field - AB negative blood

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Tipo d'opera Multiplo
Titolo Morphogenetic field - AB negative blood
Anno 2016
Categoria Fotografia
Tecnica Stampa pigmentaria
Numerazione e/o edizione 1
Firma verso
dimensioni senza cornice
43,31 x 43,31 in
110 x 110 cm
Certificato emesso da IdeelArt
Fattura emessa da Seb Janiak
Condizioni ottimo

Chromogenic print - Unframed

Edition number isn't on the artwork itself but only the Certificate of Authenticity. 

Edition 1/5.

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In his Morphogenetic fields series, Janiak examines the visible manifestation of the essence of various substances. Every entity in the universe contains its own signature—a data field containing every physical characteristic, environmental influence, memory, and experience known to it. That is its morphogenetic field. Every dandelion would have a similar morphogenetic field because in addition to containing the information describing each particular dandelion, a universal data set also exists describing dandelion-ness or the essence of all dandelions that ever were. To examine the topic of morphogenetic fields, Janiak employed existing scientific methods of reducing various substances to their crystalline foundation then photographed them in that primordial, crystalline state.

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