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The tower of Babel mentioned in the Bible is not the only one. In this work by Samba, we can see a modern version of it. The tower of Babel has a negative connotation of confusion and discord between people. This image has a resonance today as it evokes nations that have either been fragmented and divided, or arbitrarily united as one nation. Let's cite Germany (before the fall of the Berlin wall), Korea, Yemen, USSR, Yougoslavia... 

The fall of the towers of Babel is thus a benefit, taking form in the reunification of the communities that had been fragmented, or giving sovereignty to those who had been mixed. The current paradox is that the international community hardly ignore that Central Africa is and remains the largest tower of Babel that does not let the world at peace. Africa must ezonga ndenge na tango ezalaka is kala, kasi na na kaka Makila you bwania (Africa must find its former configuration, in peace and not in war).

Provenance : Cheri Samba


Les tours de Babel dans le monde(1991)

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