Rendez-vous in Singapore


Rendez-vous in Singapore  

The third edition of Art Stage Singapore opens its doors in two weeks (24-27 January).At the helm is Lorenzo Rudolf, former director of Art Basel (1991-2000), co-creator of the ShContemporary Shanghai Art Fair, creator of Art Basel Miami Beach and founder of Art Stage. He has devoted the last three years to ensuring that Singapore becomes not only an essential platform for the contemporary art market but also a forum for dialogue and exchange between the various actors in the art world. According to Thierry Ehrmann, « Art Stage Singapore, which has become a leading event in Asia thanks to the very strong political will of the state of Singapore, owes its success to its founder Lorenzo Rudolf (…), who is undoubtedly one of the world’s top 5 market makers. »

This year, 120 galleries (including 75% of Asian galleries) will come together at the Convention & Exhibition Centre on Marina Bay Sands, a spectacular building by architect Mosche Safdi and a Singapore landmark, with its boat-shaped terrace suspended at a height of 200 metres.

Featuring :

78 galleries from South-east Asia, including 18 based in Singapore. Singapore is the main participating country, followed by China, Japan, Australia and the United Kingdom;
12 Australian galleries with a dedicated platform (Platform Australia) to boost their participation in the Asian market;
27 European galleries, including the French Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin (Paris, Hong Kong), Galerie Paris-Beijing (Paris, Beijing, Brussels) and Galerie Gérard Lasés (Paris, Hong Kong, Bangkok);
3 American galleries.

Focus on Indonesia
Around thirty projects will support this edition of Art Stage with a platform dedicated to young galleries and artists. Among them, « The Best of Indonesia » aims to demonstrate the dynamism of the major actors in Indonesia through an exhibition sale bringing together famous and emerging Indonesian artists, selected by a panel of collectors and artists.

Art Stage has also invited internationally renowned artists to design installations.
Philippe PASQUA will attend, presented by Zemack Contemporary Art Gallery (Tel Aviv). After posting a record sale in New York in 2012, the French artist continues to conquer the Asian world (his painting fetched $120,000 September 22, 2012 at Sotheby’s).

Collecting 101
Artprice has joined forces with Art Stage, particularly in preparing common productions/editions of pedagogical works and creations of permanent digital streams for major Asian collectors. During the fair, a guidebook on the art market entitled « Collecting 101 » will be distributed to collectors and art lovers.
This guide will be available in PDF on Artprice from 22 January 2013..

More information on Art Stage

Development of Singapore
With Art Stage projecting Singapore onto the global landscape of contemporary art fairs, local cultural projects abound and are opening up new perspectives. New venues dedicated to art include Gillman Barracks (UK), which aims to become a forum for creation, exhibition and exchange around contemporary art; the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA), scheduled to open its doors in 2013, which sees itself simultaneously as a residency for international artists, a research centre and an exhibition venue; and also the Yellow River Arts Centre, whose opening is scheduled for 2014.
Singapore is sparing no effort in its drive to develop its cultural institutions, attract artworld actors and become a strong marketplace for contemporary art. It can draw on multiple assets in successfully achieving such an outcome, given its unique position at the strategic crossroads of China, India, South-east Asia and Australia, the vital support of its government for art-related projects and its free port – a not inconsiderable advantage in the development of an art market.