Art market latest trends: resale lots



Following the latest New York sales, the Artprice Global Index of fine art, which uses repeated sales method, is up 18.2% on the year-ago period. USD 100 invested in an artwork ten years ago would now be worth an average of USD 153.Many art collectors are generating even higher returns through judicious deals at auction, making the most of the market’s current enthusiasm. To give an idea of some of the particularly lucrative transactions recently carried out, Artprice presents the following list of works that have come under the hammer at least twice:

Alexander ARCHIPENKO (1887-1964): Walking (sculpture) 09-Nov-94 (New York): USD 82,500 05-Nov-04 (New York): USD 330,000Hans ARP (1887-1966): Echo de torse (sculpture) 25-Feb-92 (New York): USD 23,000 05-Nov-04 (New York): USD 30,000Richard AVEDON (1923-2004): Nastassja Kinski and the Serpent, Los Angeles, California (Photography) 10-Dec-98 (Beverly-Hills, CA): USD 6,500 15-Oct-04 (New-York): USD 18,000Eugène BOUDIN (1824-1898) : Rade de Brest, baie de Camfrout, quai des Kerhors (painting) 07-Apr-04 (Paris): USD 3,023 05-Nov-04 (New-York): USD 32,500Henri CARTIER-BRESSON (1908-2004) : Rue Mouffetard (photography) 07-Sept-93 (New York): USD 5,000 15-Oct-04 (New York): USD 10,000Kees VAN DONGEN (1877-1968) : Anita, la belle Fatima et sa troupe (painting) 24-juin-97 (London): GBP 800,000 04-nov-04 (New York): USD 3,000,000Raoul DUFY (1877-1953) : Frouzette et son père (painting) 25-oct-00 (London): USD 67,000 04-nov-04 (New York):USD 170,000Auguste HERBIN (1882-1960) : L’église à Vaison (painting) 12-déc-97 (Paris): USD 11,451 05-nov-04 (New York): USD 37,500Willem DE KOONING (1904-1997) : Clam Diggers (painting) 07-nov-89 (New York) : USD 1,300,000 09-nov-04 (New York) : USD 3,500,000Henry MOORE (1898-1986) : Upright motive no.9 (sculpture) 01-déc-92 (London): USD 540,000 04-nov-04 (New-York): USD1,100,000Pierre-Auguste RENOIR (1841-1919) : Les rosiers à Wargemont (painting) 11-mai-99 (New York): USD 5,600,000 04-nov-04 (New York): USD 6,700,000Victor VASARELY (1908-1997) : «Cheyt-Rond-Va» (painting) 01-nov-94 (New-York): USD 9,000 20-oct-04 (London): USD 25,262