biografia di Charlotte Fuller EASTMAN (1878-1965)

Birth place: Norwich, CT

Addresses: Norwichtown, CT

Profession: Painter, illustrator, educator, teacher, designer

Studied: Norwich Art Sch.; BMFA Sch.; AIC; ASL; PAFA; W. Adams; H. McCarter; Colarossi.

Exhibited: Salon d'Automne, 1928; Wash. WCC, 1939, 1940; Mystic AA, 1939-54; AWS, 1939; Doll & Richards, Boston, 1939; Univ. Conn., 1939; Slater Mem. Mus., 1939-51; Mus. Art & Science, Albany, NY, 1945; Conn. WC Soc., 1946-53; Lyman Allyn Mus., 1945, 1951; traveling exhib. to universities, 1950-51.

Member: Mystic AA; Conn. WC Soc.; Norwich AA.

Work: covers, layouts, des., F. J. Quimby Co., Boston; Univ. Press, Chicago; A. C. McClurg Co., Chicago.

Comments: Position: director, Norwich (CT) Art School, 1910-43; councillor, Norwich AA. Collector/editor: Margaret Fuller's Sonnets and Songs.

Sources: WW59; WW47.

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