biografia di Dudley Crafts WATSON (1885-1972)

Birth place: Lake Geneva, WI

Addresses: Chicago, IL; Highland Park, IL

Profession: Painter, educator, writer, lecturer, teacher

Studied: AIC; Beloit College (D.F.A.); Alfred East, London; Sorolla.

Exhibited: AIC, annually; Grand Central Art Gal. Awards: prizes, Milwaukee AI, 1923; AIC, 1911, 1926; Wisc. P&S, 1922 (prize); ASL, Chicago, 1908 (prize); decorated by Govt. of Ecuador, 1946.

Member: Chicago AC; Cliff Dwellers Club.

Work: Burlington (Iowa) Pub. Lib.; Milwaukee AI; Layton Gal. Art; IBM Collection; Wendell Phillips H.S., Chicago; H.S., Milwaukee; La Mars (IA) H.S.; Milwaukee Yacht Club; his archives are at Syracuse Univ.

Comments: He established the Vanderpoel AA in Chicago, dedicated to the memory of John Vanderpoel, and collecting the art of Vanderpoel and his students. Positions: art editor, Milwaukee Journal; director, Milwaukee AI, 1914-24; educ. director., Minneapolis AI, 1922-23; radio commentator, WGN, Chicago; lecturer, AIC, Chicago, 1926-55; special lecturer, AIC, 1955-. Author: Nineteenth Century Painting," 1931; "Twentieth Century Painting," 1932. Lectures: art and travel. Originator of music-picture symphonies."

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