Lucas ARRUDA (1983)

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In the U-C market – that Philips has made a strategic priority – the thirst for novelty seems unquenchable. The success of its New Now sales, mixing established signatures with young artists on auction debuts, just keeps unfolding… Hosted on 3 March last, Phillips’ latest New Now session elicited enthusiasm from all over the globe […]

Unsurprisingly, the Art Market posted a significant contraction in H1 2020, although less severe than in 2009. The number of lots sold at auction fell by -21% and auction turnover dropped -49%. However, the blow was definitely softened by the solutions implemented by the major auction houses to continue trading and maintain at least some […]

Damien Hirst’s manager to sell collection via Sotheby’s It’s the sale of the new season: on 21 September Sotheby’s will host a sale entitled Yellow Ball: The Franck and Lorna Dunphy Collection that will offer more than 200 works by Damien HIRST and other YBAs (Young British Artists) emblematic of the iconoclastic arts scene of the […]

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Lucas ARRUDA (1983) (Brasile) è un artista nato nel 1983. La prima aggiudicazione registrata sul sito è un/a pittura del 2018 da Bolsa De Arte, e la più recente un/a pittura del 2021. La quotazione e gli indici dell'artista stabiliti da si basano su 25 aggiudicazioni. In particolare: pittura.