biografia di Peter MAX (1937)

Birth place: Berlin, Germany

Addresses: NYC

Profession: Designer, painter, printmaker, illustrator

Studied: ASL; Pratt Inst.; Sch. Visual Arts.

Exhibited: Riverside Gal., Shreveport, La.; Munic. A. Gal., Los Angeles, Calif.; "The World of Peter Max," De Young Mem. Mus., San Francisco, Calif. & US Tour, 1970; London Arts Gal. Peter Max Exhib., 12 major world cities, 1970; two Smithsonian Inst. Peter Max Exhibs., US, 1972-74. Awards: Awards, Am. Inst. Graphic Arts, Soc. Illusr. & Int. Poster Competition Poland

Work: commissions: non-commercial art show, Metro Transit Advert. Co., local buses across US, 1968; zodiac poster ser., New York Daily News, Chicago Tribune, Detroit Free Press & other newspapers, 1971.

Comments: Pop Artist who achieved great popularity in the 1960s, particularly for his psychedelic" posters and his designs for record companies and other organizations. His most well-known designs include the Yellow Submarine series he created for the Beatles. Positions: dir., Daly-Max Design Studio; designer, Gen. Foods, Elgin Nat. Industs., Takashimaya Ltd Japan, Van Heusen, UN & other major orgns. Publications: auth., Peter Max Posterbook & Peter Max Superposterbook, Crown; auth., Peter Max Astrological Calendar, Grosset & Dunlap; auth., The New Age Organic Vegetarian Cookbook & Peter Max Crochet Book, Pyramid Publ."

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