biografia di John HAUSER (1859-1913)

Birth place: Cincinnati, OH

Death place: Clifton, OH

Addresses: Clifton, OH

Profession: Painter, teacher

Studied: Ohio Mechanics Inst.; Cincinnati AA, c.1872; McMicken Art School, with T. Noble, 1873; Royal Acad., Munich, with Gysis, 1880; in Düsseldorf and Paris until 1891.

Member: Cincinnati AC; Münchner Künstler Club; Münchner Kunstverein

Work: Smithsonian; Gilcrease Inst.

Comments: Specialty: Western Indians. Hauser traveled in New Mexico and Arizona in 1891 and made annual visits to reservations. In 1901, he was adopted" as a Sioux and named "Straight White Shield." (Alternate birth date 1859).

Sources: P&H Samuels, 213."

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