Francisco DE ZURBARAN (1598-1664)

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A superb exhibition is about to open at the Jacquemart-André Museum in Paris from 3 March to 10 July 2017. The exhibition is not exceptional for the volume of work presented but rather for its exquisite quality and particularly for the artistic dialogue over four centuries of art history that it highlights. Few collections (except […]

Christie’s and Sotheby’s Old Master sales are one of the jewels of the auction market. They offer a chance to see and acquire rare works and outstanding signatures at prices that are often more reasonable than those achieved by masters of contemporary art.

The price index for Old Masters reached its peak of the decade in October 2008. Thus, like a number of other art segments, it benefited from the auction room euphoria that developed between 2004 and 2008 and then suffered from the meltdown as the economic crisis chased confidence out of the market. However, since the end of 2009 the major works withheld from auctions when the market was weak have started to return.

The market is feverish, sellers are nervous, auctioneers are worried and yet…the purchase intentions recorded in our Art Market Confidence Index show a certain optimism ahead of the Old Masters sales at Christie’s and Sotheby’s.At mid-January 2009, 70% of market players (all segments) declared themselves « ready to buy » in the Artprice AMCI.

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Vendi o compra opere di Francisco DE ZURBARAN sulla Piazza del Mercato Standardizzata
Francisco DE ZURBARAN (1598-1664) è un artista nato/a nel 1598. La prima aggiudicazione registrata sul sito è un/a pittura del 1988 da Christie's, e la più recente un/a pittura del 2020. La quotazione e gli indici dell'artista stabiliti da si basano su 62 aggiudicazioni. In particolare: pittura, stampa-multiplo. , venduti da 3 Artprice Store.