biografia di Frédéric Bourchier TAYLOR (1906-1987)

Birth place: Ottawa, Ont

Addresses: San Miguel de Allende, Gto

Profession: Painter, sculptor

Studied: McGill Univ, BArch, 1930; Univ London Goldsmiths Col Art, with Stanley Anderson; London Co Coun Sch Arts & Crafts; Byam Shaw Sch Painting, with Ernest Jackson.

Exhibited: Ont Soc Artists, Toronto, 1931-; Royal Can Acad Arts, Toronto, 1931-1972; many group & Int traveling exhibs in Can, USA & Mex, 1931-1972; Royal Inst Painters, London, 1936.

Member: Royal Can Acad Arts (coun & comts, 1949-); Can Soc Graphic Art; Soc Can Painter-Etchers & Engravers.

Work: Nat Gallery Can, Ottawa; Pub Archives can, Ottawa; Art Gallery Ont, Toronto; Montreal Mus Fine Arts; Mus Que, PQ; plus many others. Commissions: Etching, Govt Can, Ottawa, 1932; etchings & paintings for corps in Can & USA, 1932-1972; portrait paintings, McGill Univ, 1941-1966; series of paintings, Algoma Steel Corp. Saulte Ste Marie, Ont, 1946-1947; plus many other pvt commissions.

Comments: Preferred Media: Oils. Positions: Chmn Que region, Fedn Can Artists, 1944-1945, nat v pres, 1945-1946. Dealer: Galeria San Miguel, San Miguel de Allende, Gto. Teaching: Instr & lectr drawing & modeling, McGill Univ Sch Archit, 1940-1943.

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