biografia di Pierre ROY (1880-1950)

Birth place: Nantes, France

Death place: Milan, Italy

Profession: Painter, printmaker, illustrator

Studied: Académie Julian, Paris with J.P. Laurens; …cole des Arts Decoratifs with E. Grasset; …cole des Beaux-Arts

Exhibited: Brummer Gal., NYC, 1930, 1933 (solos); Carnegie Int'l, 1931, 1934, 1936-39, 1950; Wadsworth Atheneum, 1931 (surrealism exh.); Julien Levy Gal., NYC, 1932 (surrealism exh.); Expo. Universelle, Paris, 1937

Comments: A French artist who had a significant impact in bringing "Magic Realism" to America. Roy"s style was one of meticulous realism, bordering on tromp l"oeil, but instilled with the spirit of Surrealism. Or, in Jeffrey Wechsler"s words, "Magic realist painters try to convince us that ordinary things are strange, and these things are painted because they are possible." Roy"s first exhibitions in NYC received praise, and throughout the 1930s he returned to the U.S. for his shows from New York to San Francisco. In 1936, he was selected as the juror from France for the Carnegie Int"l exhibition. He also painted in Hawaii. His popularity was further spread by his illustrations which appeared in Vogue. Among the Americans who were Magic Realists are Charles Rain, John Atherton, Jared French, Bernard Perlin, and O. Louis Guglielmi (see entries).

Sources: Wechsler, 36; Benezit

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