biografia di Antonin DAUM (1864-1930)

Personal data

Birth : 1864 - Bitche, France
Death : 1930 - Nancy, France
Sex : M
Nationality/Affiliation : France

Family relations

Brother of Auguste DAUM [ 1853-1909 ]


Ecole Centrale Paris (Ingenieur) – Grande voie des Vignes – Châtenay-Malabry, France

Professional data

Work and Life

1928:Their chiefdesigner in Croismare, France is Pierre DAVESN
1925 – 1936:Construction and commissioning of their branch ‘Belle Etoile’ in Croismare, France where they sign “Lorrain”
1919:Emile WIRTZ, was responsible for the design after the first worldwar
1903 – 1914:Recruitement of Almaric WALTER, who intruduces the “Pâte de verre” technic
1900:Summit of the manufacture at the world exhibition in Paris, France, they win the “Grand Prix” with Emile GALLÉ
1898:Married Marguerite Didion, they have 3 children
1895 – 1932:Henri BERGÉ, does not only design formes but also teaches in the drawing school of the company
1893 – 1897:Jacques GRUBER
1891:initializes the adjustment from industrial glass to hand made and decorative glass, the brothers start to hire the following artists:
1887:together with his brother Auguste associate and manager of the glass manufacture “Daum frères et Cie.”
also Ernest BOUSSIÈRE and Edmond LACHENAL worked for the manufacture
Employes as Eugène GALL, Adolphe CLAUDE, Jules MARCHAND, Brutus DAMMANN, Sèvère WINCKLER et les frères Charles et Ernest SCHNEIDER
After the death of his brother Auguste, manages the company with his two sons, changing to “Art Déco”
Cooperation with Edgar BRANDT
Cooperation with Louis MAJORELLE


Movements and styles

Art Nouveau
Art Deco

Bibliography (Selected)

On the artist



Daum Nancy, Daum Frères-Verreries de Nancy – Glaskunst aus der Zeit 1892-1914
Publisher: Hirmer Verlag – Nymphenburger Straße 84 – Munich, Germany
Author: Büttiker Katharina – Zürich ZH, Switzerland
ISBN : 3-7774-1075-6

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