biografia di Alice D. Engley BEEK (1876-1951)

Birth place: Providence

Death place: Tacoma, WA

Addresses: Tacoma, WA

Profession: Painter, teacher, sculptor

Studied: RISD; Wheeler A. Sch.; Sidney Burleigh; Acad. Delecluse, with Lazar, L'Hermitte, Puvis de Chavannes, Edward Ertz, in Europe.

Exhibited: Expositions International Français (2 golds, med., prizes); Seattle Expo., 1909 (gold, prize).

Member: Am. APL.

Work: European galleries.

Comments: Position: dir. art, Annie Wright Sem., Tacoma, WA, 15 years.

Sources: WW40; Trip and Cook, Washington State Art and Artists.

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