biografia di Harriet Gene ROUDEBUSH (1908-1998)

Birth place: Portland, OR

Addresses: Sacramento, CA; Pacific Grove, CA

Profession: Etcher, painter

Studied: Calif. Col. of FA, 1925; Calif. Sch. of FA, four years

Exhibited: San Francisco Soc. of Women Artists, 1931; Beaux Arts Gal., San Fran., 1930-33; Wordens Gal., San Fran., 1932-42; Trade Fair, Sausolito, 1952 (solo); San Francisco Art Fairs, 1957-69; Carmel Foundation, 1975 (solo); Monterey Library, 1975 (solo)

Work: St. Mary's College, Moraga, CA

Comments: She produced etchings of the San Francisco Bay area as well as watercolors of the Monterey Peninsula.

Sources: Hughes, Artists in California, 481.

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