biografia di Mildred Tommy ATKIN (1903-1969)

Birth place: NYC

Addresses: NYC

Profession: Painter

Studied: Metropolitan Art Sch.; with Winold Reiss; Arthur Schweider

Exhibited: Montross Gal., 1935, 1937-39; Bonestell Gal., 1944, 1945 (solo); NAD, 1948, 1950-55; WMAA, 1951; Colony Restaurant, 1949-52 (solo); Riverside Mus., 1953; Stedelijke Mus., Amsterdam, Holland, 1956; Brussels, Belgium, 1956; Bern, Switzerland, 1957; Chase Gal., 1957, 1958; Bodley Gal., NY (solo); Sidney (OH) Lib.; Wustum Mus. FA, Racine, WI; Appleton (WI) Pub. Lib.; State Univ., La Crosse, WI; Butler IA; Inst. Tech., Platteville, WI; St. Vincent's College, Latrobe, PA; Regar Mus., Anniston, AL; and in South America, France, Canada, England, Scotland, Japan. Awards: Pen & Brush Club, 1958, 1960; Marion K. Halderstein Mem. prize, 1963; Jeannette Genius Prize, 1964; NAWA, 1959.

Member: NAWA (exec. board, 1952-954, 1955-57; treas., 1957-59, 1964-65); AEA (director, NY Chapter, 1952-55, 1956-58, 1962-66); Am. Soc. Contemporary Artists; P&S of New Jersey; Pen & Brush Club; NY Soc. Women Artists; Nat. Soc. of Painters in Casein (bd. directors).

Work: Washington County Mus. FA, Hagerstown, MD; Robert Hull Fleming Mus., Burlington, VT; Georgia Mus. Art, Athens; St. Vincents College; Mus. of the City of New York; Norfolk Mus. Arts & Sciences; Regar Mus., Anniston, AL; East Central Oklahoma Mus.; Wheaton College; NYU Medical Center.

Comments: Positions: instructor of painting, incl. portrait painting, NYC; delegate to U.S. Committee, Int. Assn. of Art, 1963-66.

Sources: WW66; WW47.

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