biografia di Franklin O. ALEXANDER (1897-?)

Birth place: St. Louis, MO

Addresses: Jenkintown, PA

Profession: Cartoonist

Studied: Northwestern Univ.; Chicago Acad. FA.

Exhibited: Nat. Cartoonist Soc., 1951; Univ. Pennsylvania, 1945; Gr. Sketch Cl., 1944. Awards: Freedom Fnd. awards, 1950-1954, 1956-1965; Christopher Award, 1955; Nat. Council Christians & Jews, 1956, 1957, 1959; Nat. Headliner's award, 1945, 1954; Nat. Safety Council award, 1948, 1960; Boy Scouts of Am. bronze plaque, 1957; Laymen's Nat. Committee Award of Merit, 1957.

Member: Am. Assn. of Editorial Cartoonists.

Work: Archives Lib. & Mus., Detroit; Peter Mayo Fnd.; Univ. Missouri, School of Journalism, Columbia, Mo.

Comments: Contrib., Saturday Evening Post, Christian Herald Magazine. Position: cartoonist of comic strips, The Featherheads," "Finney of the Force," "Hairbreadth Harry," for Western Newspaper Union and Ledger Syndicate, 1924-31, 1931-37; freelance, 1938-41; ed., cart., The Bulletin, Philadelphia, Pa., and United Feature Syndicate, 1956-."

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