biografia di Lee Jr. ATKYNS (1913)

Birth place: Washington, DC

Addresses: Duncansville, PA; Washington, DC

Profession: Painter, illustrator, graphic artist, sculptor, teacher, art administrator

Studied: Auriel Bessemer

Exhibited: Acad. Sc. & FA, Richmond, 1941 (solo); Georgetown Gal., 1941 (solo); Alexandria Pub. Lib., 1945 (solo); Pub. Lib., Wash., D.C., 1946 (solo); Washington AC, 1946 (prize); Butler AI; CI; Univ. Chicago; AWS; NAD; BMFA; BMA; PMG; NMAA; CGA; Phillips Mem. Gal.; Whyte Gal.; TMA; Springfield AA; L.D.M. Sweat Mem. A. Mus.; Utah State Inst. FA; Terry AI; Catholic Univ.; Indiana State T. Col.; Indiana AA, 1954 (prize); Metropolitan AAPL, 1954; All. A. Johnstown, awards: 1947; 1948, 1949, 1950, 1953; Landscape Club Washington, awards each year: 1954, 1956, 1960, 1962, 1968 & 1971; Soc Washington Artists, awards each year: 1947-1954; Interdenominational Religious Exh., Wash., D.C., 1957 (award); Am Artists Prof League, 1961 (award).

Member: Soc Washington Artists; Landscape Club of Washington; Artists Equity Assn.; Wash. WC Cl.; Wash. Artist's Cl; Puzzletown (Pa.) A. Gld.; All. A. Johnstown; Indiana (Pa.) AA; Wash. AC; Artists Lg. of Am.; Newport AA; SSAL.

Work: Phillips Memorial Gallery, Washington, DC; Talladega Col., Ala.; Rockville Civic Ctr., Md.; All. A. Johnstown; Altoona (Pa.) H.S.; Hospital, Lexington, Ky.; priv. colls. U.S. and abroad.

Comments: Preferred media: acrylics. Positions: dir., Lee Atkyns Studio & Gallery of Art, 1950-. Specialty of Gallery: Dynamic Liberated Lines series. Teaching: instr. painting, Lee Atkyns Studio Sch. Art, Washington, DC, 1945-1968 & summer classes, Puzzletown, Pa, 1945-1950. Collections arranged: Music Themes in Painting, 1970-1971; Dynamic Liberated Lines, 1972-.

Sources: WW73; WW47.

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