biografia di Walter Emerson BAUM (1884-1956)

Birth place: Sellersville, PA

Addresses: Sellersville, PA

Profession: Painter, museum director, teacher, critic

Studied: PAFA, and with W. T. Trego, 1920; Hon. Deg., H.L.D., Lehigh Univ., 1946.

Exhibited: PAFA annuals, 1914-54 (1925, Sesnan gold med.); other PAFA exh. prizes in 1939, 1951; Springville, Utah, 1932 (prize); NAD; Phila. AC; ASMP, 1943 (prize); Phila. WC Cl., 1944 (med.); AWCS, 1945 (prize); Buck Hill (Pa.) AA, 1945 (prize); Corcoran Gal, 1916-51; AIC; BM; BMA; Dayton AI; CAM; Detroit Inst. A.; Ft. Worth Mus. A.; Decatur A. Center; Phila. A. All.; Audubon A, 1946 (prize); Phila. Sketch Cl.; DaVinci All.,1950 (prize); Woodmere A. Gal., 1951 (prize); NAC, 1952 (prize); Kemerer Mus., Bethlehem, Pa., 1984; solo: Bucks County Gal.; Schwenkfelder Lib.; Mint Mus. A.; Hickory Mus. A.; and in Asheville, NC.

Member: ANA; PAFA; Phila. A. All.; Phila., WC Cl.; AAPL; Am. Color Pr. Soc.; AWCS; A. Lg. Am.; Phila. AC; Lehigh Art Alliance (founder)

Work: PAFA; Pa. State Col.; Tuskagee Inst.; Allentown Mus.; TMA; NAD; PMA; Franklin D. Roosevelt Coll.; Schwenkfelder Mus., Pennsburg, PA; Syracuse Univ.; Reading Public Mus., PA

Comments: Considered the "father of art in the Lehigh Valley," during the 1930s-40s he helped found the Lehigh Art Alliance, and was director of the Allentown Mus. Art, director of his own Baum Sch. of Art, and art critic for the Phila. Evening Bulletin.

Sources: WW53; WW47.

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