biografia di Irma Gertrude ATTRIDGE (1894-c.1962)

Birth place: Chicago, IL

Addresses: Beverly Hills, CA

Profession: Painter

Studied: Chouinard Al; with Henry McFee and Oscar Van Young

Exhibited: GGE, 1939; LACMA, 1940, 1944 (prize), 1945, 1954, 1955; SFMA, 1942; Oakland A. Mus., 1943, 1952-1954; Ebell Cl., 1943, (prize); Los Angeles Pub. Lib., 1943 (prize), 1946 (prize); Sacramento Mus. Assn.; San Diego FA. Soc.; Santa Barbara Mus. A., 1951; Los A. County Fair, 1951; Los Angeles Greek Theatre, 1951 (prize); Bowers Mem. Mus., 1952 (prize); Pasadena AI, 1953-1955; Denver A. Mus., 1952, 1953; Francis Lynch Gallery, 1953 (solo); Whittier AA, 1954 (prize); City Hall, Los Angeles, 1953 (prize), 1954 (prize); Frye Mus., Seattle, Wash., 1957 (prize); Simone Gallery, 1958 (solo); Kramer Originals, 1960 (solo).

Member: Calif. AC; AEA; Cal. WC. Soc.; Women Painters of the West.

Work: USO portraits, Army Hospitals, Italy.

Comments: Position: vice-pres., AEA, So. Cal. Chapter, 1957-58.

Sources: WW59; WW47. More recently, see, Petteys, Dictionary of Women Artists.

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