biografia di Harry BERTOIA (1915-1978)

Birth place: San Lorenzo, Italy

Addresses: Topanga Canyon, CA, 1943-; Barton, PA

Profession: Sculptor, craftsman, designer, painter

Studied: Arts & Crafts Sch., Detroit, Mich.; Cranbrook Acad. Art, Bloomfield Hills, Mich., 1937-1942.

Exhibited: Assn. Western Museum Dir. Exh.; Peace Conference Exh., San Fran., CA; Mus. Non-Objective Art, NYC; circulating exhib., Smithsonian Inst.; WMAA; MoMA; PAFA, 1947, 1964, 1966, 1968; Arch. League NY, 1955 (gold med.); Am. Inst. Architects, 1958 (gold med.); Int. Sculpture Exhib., Battersea Park, London, Eng.; Fairweather-Hardin Gallery, Chicago, IL, 1970s; Staempfli Gallery, NYC, 1970s

Work: Museum Non-Objective Painting; Cranbrook Academy; Wadsworth Atheneum; MIT Chapel, Cambridge, Mass.; VMFA; SFMA; MoMA; Denver Art Mus.; Sculptural screens: Gen. Motors Tech. Ctr., Detroit; Mfrs. Trust Bank, NYC ; Dallas Pub. Lib. Bronze sculpture: View of Earth from Space, Dulles Airport, Wash., DC, 1962; MGM Tech. Center; St. Louis Airport. Copper & bronze fountain piece, Civic, Ctr., Phila., PA, 1967

Comments: He came to the U.S. in 1930, and established the metalworking dept. at Cranbrook Acad. in 1939. He moved to Southern California in 1943 and began working with designer Charles Eames, joining Knoll Asssoc. in 1950 as a furniture designer. During the 1950s Bertoi emerged as a prolific architectural sculptor, producing arch. screens for companies such as General Motors and for airports. Preferred media: copper, bronze. Awards: Graham fel., 1957.

Sources: WW73; WW47; Tracy Atkinson, included in: Directors I: options 68 (catalogue) (Milwaukee Art Ctr, 1968); Wayne Craven, Sculpture in America (Crowell, 1968); Eduard Trier, included in Form and Space: Sculpture in the 20th century (Praeger, 1968); Baigell, Dictionary

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